DIY Aztec Inspired iPhone Case

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in forever! I’ve been super busy but I’m back now! I wanted a fun new iPhone case for the summer, so I made a colourful Aztec print! Instructions below!

What you will need:

  • Assortment of permanent markers
  • White iPhone case
  • Ruler (not shown)
  • Pencil (not shown)


1. Find a print you would like to replicate. I liked this one:

2. On the case draw the center lines in pencil as guidelines. Erase the lines, so that you can barely see them.

3. Start drawing! Be careful not to smudge!

4. Continue the design on the sides and the top of the case.

5. Once you’re done drawing, put it on your phone and amaze all your friends :D


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17 Responses to DIY Aztec Inspired iPhone Case

  1. Sylvia says:

    I just can’t believe you did this with markers, looks awesome, I love the design, the combination of colors… you’re an artist! :)

  2. Mikayla says:

    Does this stay on well? How long does it last?

  3. Amaray says:

    Did you use a hard case? And I love it also because I’m Mexican and have Aztec in me! :)

  4. Janna M says:

    Cool idea and so pretty!

  5. Alma says:

    Wow! Great job and so creative too. :)

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  8. Emmalee says:

    where did you find that iphone case and do they have them in iphone 3Gs :) ????

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  11. Kelly says:

    Where did u find the design?? Trying to find the meaning with my son for school! :0)

  12. Veva says:

    Great result!
    I like it so much


    My white idea

  13. Karina says:

    Hi Vanessa!
    I tried to do this on a policarbonate case and after a couple of days the drawing went all blurry. I was looking for some other solution and found your post. Did you use a silicon case?

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