DIY Rolled Paper Chess Set

My friend sent me this Chess Set made completely out of rolled paper from paperplateandplane! It looks really cool, so I hope you enjoy the tutorial! More images and tutorial below!!

What you Will Need:

  • Black and Cream Paper
  • Millboard covered in black and white paper for the box and board
  • Mod Podge for the sealant and lacquer of the pieces.


  1. Cut the pieces out based on the images below.
  2. Roll and glue together!!!

Amazing!! Tutorial and all images were found HERE!!

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2 Responses to DIY Rolled Paper Chess Set

  1. daisy says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! My toddler recently took to hiding all of our chess pieces and now we can’t play! Thank goodness for a cheap and fun alternative :D

  2. Automath says:

    Great idea! Here’s my take on it. I used sketchup to build the 3D models and then printed them on thick card and glued them together but your one doesn’t require a computer :) .

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